The New York Times — Birth Control Your Own Adventure
"Thus began the year and a half of contraceptive roulette chronicled in my film. On the levonorgestrel IUD, I suffered through bouts of derealization — the external world becoming unrecognizably remastered, colors rendered garish and sounds warping nonsensically, the distortion sometimes trespassing the border of my body; I’d look in the mirror and not recognize who I saw. On Lo Loestrin, I woke up each morning cloaked in viscous sadness. And the NuvaRing gave me generalized anxiety so severe and intolerable that after three months of “See how you feel,” I threw all my rings in the trash with an uncharacteristic lack of consideration for the smallmouth bass that undergo sex changes when hormonal contraceptives pollute waterways.

Blood + Milk — The Weight of Secrets
"Women are uniquely expected to keep secrets about their bodies—to spare other people the embarrassing details. What we don’t acknowledge enough is that carrying secrets is a tremendous burden. It’s exhausting and isolating, and it certainly doesn’t serve us. Now when I find myself keeping a secret, I make myself examine its origins and question its motives. Most importantly, I spit that shit out."


Adobe Blog — Out of Body
"A lot of women are made to feel like there isn’t language to describe their bodies’ experiences. In the U.S., women with endometriosis wait on average 11.7 years for a diagnosis – that’s more than a decade of suffering in the dark, of being sick and thinking there’s no explanation as to why. That’s a particularly agonizing form of loneliness – not making sense to yourself."