Birth Control Your Own Adventure | The New York Times

"A sparklingly cutting film featuring a cast of sinister Icelandic sheep, clumsy endives and an OB-GYN who talks with the voice of a robot. Agha makes insightful and snark use of these tools to chronicle the epic saga of her struggle with the side effects of birth control's a dizzyingly inventive self-portrait of a person forced to choose between depression and physical pain." -The New York Times

Body Language: Painful Sex | BBC Three

In this series of visual essays for BBC Three, women talk about their most personal reproductive health issues and problems. Here, one woman talks about painful sex, something that affects 1 in 10 women. She is eventually diagnosed with severe endometriosis - but not before she spends years having her pain dismissed and misdiagnosed by doctors.

Body Language: Antenatal Depression | BBC Three

In this series of visual essays for BBC Three, women share their most personal reproductive health stories. Maternal mental illness affects 1 in 5 women and develops during or after pregnancy. Here, one woman speaks about her experience with antenatal depression.

Room on Fire |

“Panic attacks are roiling, dizzying paroxysms of pure terror: nauseating, sweaty, heart-thumping, existential ordeals made even worse because some part of the mind understands there’s nothing, really, to fear. In this richly colored, highly personal short film, filmmaker Sindha Agha explains how she “lost track” of what she should actually be afraid of, and how she brought herself back to reality—with the help of an unlikely spirit animal.”


Natalie Portman: “It Starts With Your Vote”

“Natalie Portman's climate change video is a gentle game changer, and we dig it” -

Ritual Brand Video: “Why We Reinvented the Multivitamin”

After Katerina Schneider made her review of the vitamin industry, she realized it was full of half-truths, mystery ingredients, and 10-pill regimens that could overload women’s bodies. So she decided to create a better alternative — a simple, effective vitamin with the 9 essential nutrients women need most.

Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project | Segal Family Foundation

In response to the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS in his home village and surrounding districts, Twesigye Kaguri founded The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project to provide free education to children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

Dandelion Africa | Segal Family Foundation

Wendo Aszed co-founded Dandelion Africa to provide health and entrepreneurial support for women and youth in marginalized areas.